Another point of view: Justin Dzama

Another interview! If you follow my blog, you would know that my last post was an interview as well. This time, I had the privilege of contacting Sault Ste. Marie graphic designer, Justin Dzama, who is the senior designer at Fuzed Notions Creative Studio Inc. I found Justin on the RGD (Registered Graphic Designers) website and began to research him and his work before coming across his website This is where I noticed that Justin seems like a really interesting guy, with his clever ‘about’ page and his taste in a wide range of music. Plus, he’s got an epic beard. So I e-mailed him, and he replied with a few answers to my questions. And I learnt some new things that I’d like to share. 

I asked Justin, “what has been a unique challenge you have faced while becoming a graphic designer?” His response was, “..mastering things I hadn’t been formally trained in (but it’s also the thing I love most about the job). Six years later and I’m still learning things at a rate that makes my brain feel like it’s had a run through a Quiznos toaster oven.” Funny little metaphor. From what I gather, design is growing constantly, trends are changing constantly and as a designer you need to keep up with it. Justin also insisted on becoming comfortable with the coding world. Good thing that is something I’ve become familiar with lately. To my readers interested in learning how to code html/css, check Code Academy. It is a fantastic and, easy-to-use tool. 

“The trick to inspiration is to never stop being inspired.” This short sentence that Justin stated is the biggest piece of advice I took from the interview. He explains how you will find yourself sitting at a dead end when it comes to finding inspiration, when in reality, everything is inspiring. In my last interview, I was inspired to start carrying a notebook around to jot down new ideas that hit. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great idea, and the tip Justin provides is just as good – carry a small digital camera with you, so if inspiration is in sight, you can easily just snap a photo.

“Anyone can make a brand beautiful or stand out, but the brands who truly “get it” can make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.”

Thanks for the advice, Justin. I really appreciate the time you took to reply with some well-thought answers to help me as I move forward in my design career. 


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